Bishop David C. Strong: The man who reached me out

During my darkest hours in August of 2010. A man of God started to talk to me.  Those times I was depress, sad, I had a nervous breakdown.  I was working yet I felt like a robot.  Life for me was the call center and my house nothing else. The Internet became my friend.  I was so down and in the lowest of the lowest parts of my spiritual life. I have given up my ministry, how I wish I would die that was my prayer back then.

On facebook a ray of light shined through me. I saw the Christian United Church and God led me to look into it and started reading all about this church. I was contemplating on going back to my former church but they were not welcoming to the LGBT community. And so like a good Samaritan Bishop Strong and I began communicating over the Internet and the rest was history.

I would like to thank God for this wonderful man of God who is now emerging in the ranks of the converging movement.  The convergence of the sacramental, evangelical, Wesleyan, ecumenical, welcoming, affirming and pentecostal movements.  I would like to thank God because of our bishop’s historical episcopate that traces its linage to the Apostle Peter who also calls himself and elder (I Peter 5:1).

When I was appointed as local Pastor of this small church in October of 2010 I was so happy, joyful, satisfied and at peace.  The joy of the Holy Ghost came again on me.  People in whom I didn’t know started to communicate with me.  Holy Unions poured out in our church. Even unbelievers and my family noticed the big change in my life when I became a member of the Christian United Church.  All I can say is the Holy Spirit was with me.

I thank God that God had destined me since time that I will be ordained by those man of God that has been ordained by the Apostles themselves.  This is such a blessing for me a blessing that I am so grateful for.  I thank God for the life of Bishop Strong for accepting me as a local pastor of the Christian United Church and tomorrow as an Elder in Full Connection.  So much grace, so much love, so much support has been given to me by God through this man.  I pray that God will continue to bless his life, his ministry, his professional life and may God give him love, joy, peace and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Bishop Strong for reaching me out.  I will forever uphold our discipline, our doctrine and our worship.

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