10th Holy Union for Church of God in the Philippines

DECEMBER 22, 2010 – Just three days before Christmas this couple, one from Novaliches and her half from Bulacan were joined together at the office of the Metropolitan Community Church Philippines. Ptr. Regen Luna of Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd Church of God – CUC officiated the Holy Union Rites. We would like to extend our thanks and great appreciation to the leaders of MCC Philippines for accommodating this event. For the purpose of the Couples security we edited these photos with the couples permission. This marked the 10th Holy Union for CUC in the Philippines since our church started last October. To God be the Glory and all the praise!!!

The Introductory Rites

The First Reading was read by one of their witnesses

The Second Reading was led by one of their friends

Ptr. Regen shares the homily about the promises of Ruth and Naomi

The Blessing of the Rings

The Veil and the Cord

The Consecration of the Bread of Life

The Consecration of the Cup of Salvation

The Holy Communion

The giving of personal Vows & Kiss

The Holy Union Certificate Signing

The Holy Union Church Registration Signing

After the Holy Union Mass, picture taking

After the Holy Union Mass, we proceeded to SM Mall of Asia, Krocodill Grill for the Reception.

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