The Christian United Church and the Catholic Diocese of One Spirit is joining the Metropolitan Community Churches in the Philippines to end the bigotry of other “Christian Churches”.

A Message from Ptr. Myke Sotero of MCC- Metro Baguio

The Metropolitan Community Church of Metro Baguio (MCCMB) strongly condemns the hateful and malicious slander made by a Roman Catholic Bishop against us and the LGBT community. We will not be cowed and bullied by a Goliath acting like God and inquisitioner and who has no monopoly over religion, God and morality.

We deplore the incompitence and ignorance of church leaders who calls us a “mental disorder” for it is medical fact that homosexuality is not a disease or an illness that can be cured. It has been delisted from the list of mental disorder by all leading international phychological associations since 1973. We will not accept your pity but would rather preffer to give it back to the poor bishop who, in his old age, has not learned how to show Christ-like compassion and love. May we remind him that hate and prejudice is not a good moral value nor a family value. We,. faith-based LGBT organizations dare the church to stop bearing false witness against us and itself by making true it’s claims that they don’t discriminate LGBTs by allowing openly out homosexual seminarians in their seminaries who are committed to a celibate life. We even dare the hypocrites of the CBCP to declare their total support for the passing of HB 1483 or Anti-Discrimination Bill forwarded by Rep. Teddy Casino, if their claims are true. In Catholic schools, we were taught that liars will go to hell.

We planned this mass holy union of LGBT couples just for the 5th Baguio LGBT pride event this June. We originally said that this is just a one-time event. But after the CBCP gave us this opportunity to be recognized through the fabulous publicity this has caused, we are now flooded by request for holy unions around the country mainly coming from the Roman Catholic faithfuls. We cannot turn these LGBT children of God down. We therefore intend to duplicate this joyful event accross the nation starting from Luzon, Metro Manila, Cavite,down to the visayas and Mindanao. We shall continue to officiate same-sex holy unions as authorized by our respective members of our congregations, duly protected and guaranteed by the bill of rights under the Philippine constitution.


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