Message From The Congregation of the Most Holy Creator on the Ordination of Rev. Elder Regen R. Luna

Friar Aj Severns, CMHC

Dear Pastor Regen R. Luna, SSD,

It is a great honor that you have asked me for a message on this your day of ordination.  My heart is filled with joy both for you and the road you have chosen and for God’s people that you are dedicating your life to serve.

When anyone is ordained it brings hope to the people of God, both those that know Him and are saved and those that have yet to know him on such a deep basis;  when it is a young person such as yourself ordained it not only brings hope but lifts my heart and spirit as if they are soaring on wings of an eagle.  For it is a very good sign that our faith, and love will continue to be shared by the new, younger generations.

You bring with you a deeper connection to our youth and the vigor of a young man that has felt the calling of his Lord, to come and serve his and all people.  From following you here on the Christian United Church pages I can see that vigor and dedication.

Words of wisdom that I can impart to you on this day; over the past 25 years I have learned that sometimes the road can be hard with some uncomfortable choices, but the joys, blessings and wondrous experiences of being a servant for The Christ and His people have far outweighed the rough times. Let your prayers and heart guide you in serving, and then use all of your God given gifts to live out that service.  Also you are never alone; you have your brothers and sisters in the clergy, both within the Christian United Church and those without, there are also a great deal of resources within the laity of your congregation.

I wish that I could be there in person on this joyous occasion, know that I am with you in spirit and our church will be praying for you and celebrating your ordination as part of our service as well.

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words” St. Francis of Assisi

Friar A. J. Severns, CMHC

Congregation of the Most Holy Creator

Pastor – the Abbey

Elder- Christian United Church

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