This was the fake tickets made and used by the scammers. This was given to me by the couple who went in our chapel.

This is the photo of “IAN” or “VIOLY FRANCO” who made this scam. This photo was sent to us by their victims.

A couple went to our chapel today to ask us about the event called “a lesbian marriage for a cause” December 26, 2010 AT 5:00 PM. A certain “Ian” with a cellphone number of 09321436265 organized this event without the knowledge of our church. They asked money for the said 50 couples and the money was sent to a woman named “Violy Franco”. This is a scam. The couple went to our chapel today and praise God for them because this scam was exposed. These people has used our website and the photos of Ptr. Regen and also the name of our church for their own selfish gains.


You will have to talk to Ptr. Regen Luna directly. We have no organizers or coordinators for the Holy Union. Please be guided accordingly. To the people who are using us the Lord will deal with you. We are praying for your souls. Again we repeat all Holy Union transactions should be done directly to Ptr. Regen Luna at 09295880588.


After the couple went to our Chapel and called a certain “Ian” and he was not answering the call. Clearly this is a scam. Beware of fake organizers and Holy Union coordinators, her name Violy Franco, her address, Block 5 Lot 10 Phase 5 Sampaguita st, Bagong Silang Caloocan city,they were asking 700 pesos because there was a rented van to go to the Chapel.  The supposed Van a white Urban with plate number TPA107.


To all couples who was victimized by these people please contact Ptr. Regen Luna at 09295880588. We are not asking fees on videos, tables, chairs, veil, flowers, cord and other accessories. Do not talk to any people who will say that they represent our Church, contact our Pastor directly for any Holy Union Inquiries.


All future events of our Church is always announced at this website and also on Ptr. Regen’s Facebook Account.  If this events are not on our website or on our Pastor’s Facebook Account it means that those events are not our events and we do not have anything to do about it.


1.  Do not believe anyone that says that they are our coordinators or holy union organizers, we do not have organizers or coordinators.

2.  Call Ptr. Regen Luna directly on his public mobile number 09295880588.  Do not believe that I will change my number or if my cellphone is low bat and I am using another phone, do not believe it, people will try anything just to get money from you.

3.  Go to our Chapel and talk to Ptr. Regen Luna personally.  This is the safest way so that you will not be mislead.

4.  Our Chapel is in Dasmarinas Cavite, if you are talking to someone and he/she is asking money and you have sent it to another address rather than our official church address, you are being victimized already.  Our official Address is: Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd, Church of God – CUC, Block P Extension, Brgy. San Simon DBBC Dasmarinas City Cavite 4115.  If this is not the exact address it means that the person you are talking to is a fake.

5.  Do not believe anyone that will say that you will have to pay for flowers, veil, cord, chairs, video coverage or anything.  We do not provide this things, we only provide the ceremony and that’s it.

6.  If someone is using my name but using a different number other than my official number 09295880588, they are fake.

7.  If someone is asking you some money and using my name and the name of our church before the Holy Union, they are fake.  We collect the Holy Union fees at the date itself and we do not ask people to send it thru LBC but in case of people from the provinces we ask them to send it thru LBC and after one working day we send them our official Holy Union Church Registration Forms which fake organizers does not have.  You can only get our Registration Forms personally at our Chapel.

7.  We do not host events like “A Lesbian Marriage for a Cause”, the title itself is not right, why? we do not use the word Marriage when it comes to the GLBT Community, we use the word HOLY UNION.  From this title itself, this is done by fake organizers trying to pose for us.

8.  We do not provide vans for hire to go to our Chapel this is a fake scheme, if you need our services you will have to go to our Chapel at Dasmarinas Cavite yourself, a little sacrifice will not hurt you, even if you have a busy schedule you must find time to do it yourself.  Often scammers  feed on your need to solve your problems right away because of your busy schedule.

9.  Do not trust people whom you do not know.  Even if they have an account on facebook.  Anyone can make an account on facebook and use it to unsuspecting victims just like what happened.  Do a background check.  There are so many Filipinos who are now very professional in making all sorts of scams.  Beware, do not be mislead by any promises.

10. Add Ptr. Regen Luna on your facebook account, just look for my name regen luna or add my email so that you will know that this is my real and official facebook account, aside from this account they are FAKE.  Also add me on Skype my account is regen.luna so that we could talk face to face via webcam.

11.  Remember, we do not provide holy union fixers, organizers or wedding coordinators, if people will use my name and will say that they are our coordinators they are FAKE.  Talk and coordinate with me personally.

12.  And to those people who used my name and the name of our church for your own selfish gains, the Lord will deal with you all, we are praying for your lost souls.  I am hoping that this is very CLEAR.


  1. same thing happened to us. this certain “Ian” with a cellphone number of 09321436265,address is blk Y extension san simon dbbc, asked us P1,400 for the tickets. we felt at ease ‘coz we got the tickets the next day. the next thing, “Ian” asked us for a personal meetup for the requirements (orig. birth certificate, 4 copies of 2×2), i declined for the inconvenience and instead send it through LBC. early in the morning the next day “Ian” sent a group message saying that he/she needs P700 coz the van (the van they offer for me to rent-so he/she could personally get my requirements)broke down.i completely ignored it and go on with my busy day.later that afternoon, “Ian”was asking if we already have the other requirements(cord, pillow, vale, etc) and offered that we can purchase a complete package of our choice,P850 or P950.we couldn’t find any other affordable complete package like that so apparently,we grabbed that opportunity and chose the P850 package sent through LBC again.while waiting for the expected package yesterday”Ian” offered another package,this time bouquet of flowers.this time i turned him/her down and said P850 package was a no show.i was told to go personally to the church early this morning (dec.25) because our requirements were partner and i only sent a xerox copy of our birth certificate-which made him/her frustrated. “Ian” told me to coordinate to the pastor himself 09351820167 and so i did. we argued about his organizer being unprofessional and all, he told me he cancelled his appointment for that personal meeting, with that we have to pay a P1000 penalty and pay it by tomorrow before 10am. with his attitude,i got suspicious but not obvious and asked for his name, he said regen luna. i tried to google him, and guess what? that was his wrong move, because Pastor Regen Luna has his own website and on it is his personal number posted. i already coordinated w/ the real pastor and will see him tomorrow. (yey!) now, about this “ian” person, i still have him/her think that i don’t have any idea that it’s a scam. i even tried to befriends with “Ian” and want us to meetup somewhere in Dasmarinas before the wedding, he/she told me to bring extra clothes-repeatedly! i was planning for an entrapment but what if he/she is a professional? what if the real Violy Franco is also a victim and “Ian” was just using her name?hmm…we have 2 numbers of this scammer. let’s do something about it. Godbless!

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