Message from the Good Shepherd Seminary, California USA on the Ordination of Rev. Elder Regen R. Luna

Rev. Dr. Sergio E. Arevalo Jr.

Good Shepherd Seminary

The Seminary of the Christian United Church

P. O. Box 10336

Westminster, California 92685

United States of America

June 12, 2011

Dear Rev. Regen Luna,

Shalom! Jesus says in Matthew 20:16, “many are called, but few are chosen.” Indeed, it is true to yourself, since the Lord called many from the wilderness, and from the different walks of life, from different races and from different sexual orientations, but very few are chosen to be ordained.

Ordination is an act of separation—from the world, to make you holy; so that you might go to the world–to do His mission.

Reverend Regen, your mission is unique. I perceive that you will have gargantuan task in God’s Kingdom and you will encounter a lot of challenges. But do not worry, be happy since the Holy Spirit is with you always to empower you and to inspire you.


Rev. Dr. Sergio E. Arevalo, Jr.

President, Good Shepherd Seminary California USA

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