The First Christians – the series

It has been two thousand years and so many things had happened with Christianity, since the day of its conception in 33 AD.  Many people are now confused with so many religions and “Christian” churches.  So, many have been asking legitimate questions about God, the Bible, the Church, the sacraments and many other things that involves the Christian faith.  In our humble attempt to answer these questions we will be having a series of articles entitled “The First Christians”.  We will be dealing with Church history but in a simple and down to earth presentation.  We will be answering the questions on the founding of the church, how the first Christians worship God, how did they pray, how did they give, how did they baptize, what was their belief then, what was their bible and so on and so forth.  We invite you to post questions on the facebook webpage of Ptr. Regen Luna and we will be answering it by writing this articles by parts.

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