The Importance of Connecting to a Denomination


In today’s world there are so many churches who are “independent” and also they say that they are “non-denominational”.  Is there anything wrong on being an “independent” and “non-denominational”? There are many denominations of Christianity today, we have the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Protestants and Other Christian denomination.  What is the meaning of a “denomination”?


According to Meriam Webster’s Online Dictionary a denomination is “religious organization whose congregations are united in their adherence to its beliefs and practices…” (

In this defenition, denomination is simply ment as a religious organizations with united congregations.  It means that this is an organization of congregations not just an independent church but churches united in their beliefs and practices.

A denomination is not just a single, local, independent church but a body, congregations, churches, fellowships, ministries that is connected with each other into a single organization.


1. FELLOWSHIP – A single church, an independent church, a local church will not feel that he/she is all alone in this world. The church will have fellowship with other churches around the world.  Your church will not be all alone.

2. SUPPORT – A single church, an independent church,a local church will need all the support including spiritual, emotional, financial, encourangement and strenght to ensure that your church will grow.

3. ORGANIZATIONAL CONNECTION – A single church, an independent church, a local church that is not connected to a much larger body of churches are sometimes or often times suspected as cults, family business and illegal groups.

4. HISTORIC CONNECTION – A single church, an independent church, a local church that is not connected to a much larger body of churches has no historic connection to the churches that was founded by the Apostles of Jesus Christ and the church established by Christ.  Before our Lord went to heaven, he established God’s church and was continued by his apostles and by the bishops, presbyters and deacons with an unbroken chain of ordination in what we now call “Apostolic succession” or “Historic Episcopate”. Churches that has a historic connection with first century churches are the only churches with a valid priesthood and sacraments.

5. PROTECTION – A single church, an independent church, a local church that is not connected to a much larger body of churches are prone to abuse of power by their leaders, funds mismanagement, and a creation of a self or person centered ministry rather than a Christ centered ministry because their leaders has no higher authority that could check, balance and oversee their leaders.  A church that is connected to a denomination has the responsibility and accountability to those that are higher to them, thus insuring the safety of the congregants.


1. VALID APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION OR HISTORICAL EPISCOPATE – Our Presiding Bishop, H.E. Bishop David Strong has a valid historic Episcopate thus making our holy order, sacraments and ministries spiritually and religiously valid.

2. CUC ENSURES FELLOWSHIP, SUPPORT, CONNECTION AND PROTECTION – Our denomination, has outlined our denominations existence and purpose in our Book of Discipline.  Ensuring our international communication via online on our facebook, Ning, Skype and website accounts.  Fellowship thru our annual and local conferences.  Protection by making our churches connected with each other rather than autonomous.  Support by the offices of our Bishop, Elders, Deacons and local pastors.  And because our denomination is relatively new we can’t provide any financial assistance as of the moment.

3. CULTURAL & SPIRITUAL FREEDOM – Our denomination ensures our cultural freedom, we do not believe that everyone should believe the same way but we treat our congregants as adults.  But we believe that the details of each local churches faith and doctrine should be guided by the Holy Spirit, Holy Scriptures, Tradition, Reason and Experience.  Our denomination is not a power hungry denomination but bears the values of love, unity, and connectionalism.


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