Bishop Richard Mickley: The man who started it all.

No one dared to go to the Philippines to spread the unconditional love of God to our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered brothers and sisters other than Bishop Richard Mickley.  During the 1990’s he gave up everything just to go here to start a community where the LGBT will have a safe haven, a church that we will call a home.

He was the one who started it all, and all of us is the result of his tireless efforts since he started his ministry in 1993.  We are his harvest, we will not be here if he didn’t had the guts and the courage to go here.  He didn’t know anyone when he came but in spite all the odds he came by faith.  And the LGBT Christian Community in the Philippines will never be the same again.

When most of us are having a hard time because of our sexuality, he was starting to preach the message of unconditional love and started the gospel of marriage equality.  When most of us are having problems with our sexuality and spirituality and how to reconcile it, he was there in Singalong Manila starting a small church for the LGBT community, then MCC Manila was born. After four years of being the pastor he was kicked away from MCC because of false accusations against him.  But still he was not discouraged to stop he continued to preach the good news for the LGBT community and he started the St. Aelred Monastery Manila, St. Aelred Friendship Society and the Order of St. Aelred.

Now there were two organizations that caters to the spiritual needs of LGBT community.  MCC Manila now known as MCC Philippines and St. Aelred Monastery Manila. In 2004, Father Richard Mickley was ordained as Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of One Spirit Philippines by Bishop James Burch of the Catholic Diocese of One Spirit in Clifton Virginia USA. Bishop Richard had experienced almost every hardship that a minister or a pastor would face.  He suffered persecutions, personal problems, financial difficulties, physical, emotional, spiritual you name it he experienced it long before we came and long before anyone from the United States ever came here.  He was also persecuted by his own people.  His life was threatened by the very people he pastured. The people who was the reason he gave up everything.

I am truly blessed to had a chance and get to know him personally. I am so lucky to have a chance to talk with him and pray with him at Mc Donalds Edsa Shaw Boulevard.  I am so blessed with his life, a man who was persecuted by his own people but in the end they turned his back on him.  But still he loved them like he loved them the first time.  He didn’t say anything ill to them.  Even though they have said so many things about him negatively they even treat him so badly and very cold, I should say very un-christian.  But still he promotes their church, their ministry, and even their Holy Unions.  I have learned so much from him and I am honored to be one of those who came to see his life and his ministry.

Because of his efforts there are several churches that caters to the spiritual needs of the LGBT Filipinos, namely MCC Philippines, MCC Quezon City, MCC Metro Baguio and our church Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd Church of God – CUC.  All of this happened because of his influence or should I say because of his tireless love, a kind of love that never get tired, that’s how I see this “Man of God”.

I am thankful, honored, excited and joyful that he will be the one who will officiate my ordination on June 12, 2011 at 5:00 PM Pentecost Sunday.  I pray that his “anointing” will be passed on me.  I pray that the kind of love that he has towards everybody will also be passed on me.  I pray that his knowledge, wisdom and understanding will also be passed on me.  Thank you God our Creator for giving us Bishop Richard Mickley, if he didn’t go here all of us are no where to be found. And until now all of us would be ignorant that YOU love us unconditionally.

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