Name Change


In the Bible when a person changes his name it also changes his spirituality. He also changes his identity. For example Abram changed his name to Abraham. In the New Testament Saul became Paul. And as our church progressed so is our faith and also our identity.

In 2010 our other affiliation was CUC or the Christian United Church, after which it was changed to AOCC or the Apostolic Old Catholic Church. Our local church council and our congregation after much prayer and deliberation voted for our new name, our new identity. We followed the example of our Christian ancestors when they named the first churches in the New Testament in the Greek language as the EKKLESIA TOU THEOU or the CHURCH OF GOD in English.

From now on our church will be called in its original form the EKKLESIA TOU THEOU or the CHURCH OF GOD. Our church will also be under the care and jurisdiction of the Catholic Diocese of One Spirit Philippines through our bishop Richard Mickley and our Archbishop Jim Burch. Our church will be open to ecumenical affiliations, communions and partnerships with all independent churches with valid apostolic successions and also with all churches that are welcoming, inclusive, uniting and non discriminating.

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31st Holy Union in Dasmariñas Cavite

H.E. Rev. Bishop David Strong announces the appointment of Ptr. Regen Luna


The Christian United Church welcomes Regen Luna, as a licensed Local Pastor and candidate for ordination as a Elder in Full Connection, after the completion of additional formation. He will be planting a community in the Philippines. Visit our website for additional information about the Christian United Church. The CUC is currently engaged in ministry in the United States and Poland. We are excited to bring a new inclusive Christian community to the Philippines.


Regen Luna has been accepted as Candidate for Ordination and as a Licensed Local Pastor in the Christian United Church. Pastor Luna will continue to prepare for pastoral and theological studies to be received as Elder in Full Connection by the Annual Conference of the Christian United Church.

Regen is from Dasmarimas, Philippines. He completed a Bachelor’s in History from DeLaSalle University In 2001 and has studied Theology at various graduate institutions. He has served as Associate Pastor, MCC Manila 2000-2001 and as Interim Pastoral Leader of MCC Philippines from 2005- 2008.

Pastor Regen will be developing a congregation in Dasmarinas named Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd Christian United Church. This will be the first church for the newly emerging Christian United Church with congregations currently in Poland and the United States.

Bishop David Strong, Bishop of the denomination, said “We welcome Pastor Regen into the connectional covenant community of the Christian United Church. He shares in the charism of the CUC to provide a ministry of inclusion which invites members of the LGBT community and our straight allies to become Disciples of Christ through communion and community”.

The Christian United Church is a denomination with a Methodist polity that is inclusive and centered on the spiritual practice of weekly Holy Communion and the means of grace and mercy in our daily life. For more information visit www.