Holy Union at Tagaytay City – January 14, 2012

We want to praise God for the blessing and the honor of uniting this beautiful couple. This marks the 41st Holy Union Rite done by our church for the GLBTI community in the Philippines. Every Holy Union is a proclamation of Marriage Equality in our country.  International Human Rights Law “Yogyakarta Principles” have already declared that “Every Human Beings has the right to found a family regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity” – Yogyakarta Principle 24

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Holy Union in Tagaytay – 14th Holy Union for CUC in the Philippines

December 28, 2010 – Marks the 14th Holy Union for our beloved denomination the Christian United Church under our local Church.  This is one of the most emotional Holy Unions that I have ever encountered the couple and their friends are always crying as I gave the blessings and prayed for this couple.  It was very intimate, enjoyable and relaxing given the very cold climate of Tagaytay City. We would like to thank and acknowledge Bro. Carl Serapion for the photos.


Bonding before the Holy Union at Tagaytay Cliff House and Divine Mercy Retreat House

Preparing before the Celebration

The Opening Rites

The Celebration of the Word

The Homily

The Exchanging of the Rings


The Veil & Cord

The Consecration of the Bread and Wine

The Lord's Prayer

The Great Blessing of GLBT Saints

The Holy Communion

The Final Blessing & Declaration of Personal Vows

The Holy Kiss of Love

The Signing of the Holy Union Certificate

The Sigining of the Holy Union Church Registration Forms

The Sigining of Witnesses

Group Picture Taking

Birthday Celebration