Message From the Christian United Church in Europe on the Ordination of Rev. Elder Regen R. Luna

Rev. Szymon Niemec

CUC Office in Europe

Powsińska street Nr. 40 Apt.2, 02-903 Warsaw – Poland

„In the last day, that great [day] of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet [given]; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.)”

John 7:37-39

Dear Reverend Pastor Regen Luna,

Beloved Sisters and Brothers of the Philippines,

It is of great joy for me, and for all of my sisters and brothers in the Christian United Church in Europe, that I can write to you at this special day. We are joining you in glorious songs of praise and joy, giving thanks to our Lord, Father, Savior and Sustainer, God Almighty for all the goodness that He sent to us.

The Day of Your ordination beloved brother Regen is a remembrance for all of us that our Lord Jesus Christ sent all of us to be His Disciples for the world. By laying hands on you, we are bringing to life the moment of Pentecost,  the day when God sent His Holy Spirit to his Apostles. From that day we are celebrating this special moment by laying on of hands on our beloved sisters and brothers who are ready to take their duties as ministers.

Each year we, clergy are renewing our vows in front of God and his people. This is not only a symbolical moment. This is truly the call of our vows. The Eternal sign that we are the people of God. His children, friends, servants and disciples. Today you are receiving this special gift, the sacramental rite of ordination, as our deep faith that we recognize you not only as our Brother in Christ, but also as our Brother in Discipleship and Service.

Remember that your primary duty that you have been sent for is to make Disciples of Christ. The honor of being a clergy is not given to you for pride, but for the pride of the people who you will lead to Christ. Each time you will take the Body and Blood of Christ and give it to your people you need to remember that by sharing this you are sharing Christ’s love, passion and mercy. The Risen Christ is in you and His Glory is upon you. Share that with your people. Lead them to our Lord every day.

Beloved Sisters and Brothers, we are sending you Reverend Pastor Luna as a recognized clergy of the Christian United Church in good faith that he will be the best minister you ever had. We are proud of his commitment to Christ and his good faith. Today, at the moment of his ordination, I am asking you with all my people in the Christian United Church Missionary Conference for Europe for prayers for him and his work. We are joining you in this prayer with wishes that he will be not only a good servant of God, but also great servant for all of you. May our Lord, Savior and Sustainer bless you all and keep all of you in good health, raising faith and deep brotherhood’s and sisterhood’s love until He will come again.

By sacred and blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Yours in Christ forever

+Rev. Simon Niemiec

Dean of Missionary Conference for Europe

Christian United Church

H.E. Rev. Bishop David Strong announces the appointment of Ptr. Regen Luna


The Christian United Church welcomes Regen Luna, as a licensed Local Pastor and candidate for ordination as a Elder in Full Connection, after the completion of additional formation. He will be planting a community in the Philippines. Visit our website for additional information about the Christian United Church. The CUC is currently engaged in ministry in the United States and Poland. We are excited to bring a new inclusive Christian community to the Philippines.


Regen Luna has been accepted as Candidate for Ordination and as a Licensed Local Pastor in the Christian United Church. Pastor Luna will continue to prepare for pastoral and theological studies to be received as Elder in Full Connection by the Annual Conference of the Christian United Church.

Regen is from Dasmarimas, Philippines. He completed a Bachelor’s in History from DeLaSalle University In 2001 and has studied Theology at various graduate institutions. He has served as Associate Pastor, MCC Manila 2000-2001 and as Interim Pastoral Leader of MCC Philippines from 2005- 2008.

Pastor Regen will be developing a congregation in Dasmarinas named Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd Christian United Church. This will be the first church for the newly emerging Christian United Church with congregations currently in Poland and the United States.

Bishop David Strong, Bishop of the denomination, said “We welcome Pastor Regen into the connectional covenant community of the Christian United Church. He shares in the charism of the CUC to provide a ministry of inclusion which invites members of the LGBT community and our straight allies to become Disciples of Christ through communion and community”.

The Christian United Church is a denomination with a Methodist polity that is inclusive and centered on the spiritual practice of weekly Holy Communion and the means of grace and mercy in our daily life. For more information visit www.