COG Chapel Renovation Starts

The COG-CUC Chapel renovation started last October 25 and still undergoing renovation until the second week of November. Ptr. Regen and his family decided to tare down and sacrifice his room to make a big space for the Chapel so that we could accommodate more people. Like Noah and his family, they built the ark together. And also Joshua said that “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord”. My father, mother, brother and the new members most of them are young people helped in the renovation. Everyone was happy and was making a lot of design suggestions on the chapel including the altar. I will upload the final design of the altar when the renovation is finished. Thank you God for your continued blessing in this work. And also we would like to thank all of the couples who choose our church for their Holy Unions. Their offerings was a big help in the renovation. More photos will be posted on the next website update.